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Ziyang Xie

Computer Science M.S. @ UIUC

Grainger Engineering Departments, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
B.S. in Computer Science, Fudan University

Let's embrace the endless possibilities and build something different!

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I am currently an MSCS student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). I’ve been working closely with Prof. Shenlong Wang and Prof. Yu-Xiong Wang on various projects related to 3D vision and autonomous driving.

I’m also the tech-cofounder of Manifold-S. A startup that aims to provide a comprehensive solution for controllable 3D reconstruction and generation. Please check out our website for more information.

Previously, I completed my undergraduate studies at Fudan University, where I specialized in computer science and was actively involved in the Zhang Vision Group led by Li Zhang. During the spring of 2022, I completed an autonomous research internship at SenseTime, a leading company in the field of artificial intelligence.

My research interests encompass various areas within 3D vision, autonomous driving, and 3D reconstruction/generation. I have a strong research experience in 3D object detection, scene/object 3D reconstruction, and neural radiance fields (NeRFs).


May 5, 2024 This summer, I will be joining Prof. Bolei Zhou’s group at UCLA as a research intern.
Jan 16, 2024 One new paper accepted for ICLR 2024 Spotlight Presentation! 🎉
Oct 30, 2023 Glad to be invited to serve as a reviewer for CVPR 2024!
Jul 14, 2023 One new paper accepted by ICCV 2023! :fire:
Apr 15, 2023 Join UIUC as a Computer Science Master student (MSCS)! :rocket:


  1. S-NeRF++: Autonomous Driving Simulation via Neural Reconstruction and Generation
    Yurui Chen, Junge ZhangZiyang Xie, Wenye Li, Feihu Zhang, and 2 more authors
    Under Review, 2024

  2. Frozen transformers in language models are effective visual encoder layers
    Ziqi PangZiyang Xie*Yunze Man*, and Yu-Xiong Wang
    ICLR, 2024 | Spotlight*

  3. MV-Map: Offboard HD-Map Generation with Multi-view Consistency
    Ziyang Xie*Ziqi Pang*, and Yu-Xiong Wang
    ICCV, 2023

  4. S-NeRF: Neural Radiance Fields for Street Views
    Ziyang Xie*Junge Zhang*, Wenye Li, Feihu Zhang, and Li Zhang
    ICLR, 2023